Jesus’ Gift

October 2nd, 2016

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Romans 5:12-21

God gives each person the power to choose. We can choose to live a life in sin or live a life in forgiveness. Sin entered the world through one man, our earthly father Adam. Yet, it is also true that the forgiveness of our sins comes through a single man, the God-man, Jesus Christ. Sin separates us from God, but we do not have to be held hostage in our sin. Its grip may be broken by the almighty power of Jesus’ saving grace.

God allows us the privilege of choosing to follow Him or not. Whom are you following today? Are you following Adam’s example that brings sin and death into the world, or are you following the One who brings new life and righteousness? We may feel we are doomed to sin because of Adam’s original sin, but we can live in Jesus Christ victoriously.

Choosing to live for Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit is to choose God’s provision for restoration. It is through His power that we live as God wants us to live.

Author: Kari Rudd

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