A Legacy of Peace

September 1st, 2016

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John 14:16-31

On a plateau along the North Dakota-Manitoba border is the International Peace Garden. It was dedicated July 14, 1932, as a living memorial to the lasting peace between the United States and Canada. A monument bears a plaque containing the following inscription: “To God in His glory, we two nations dedicate this garden and pledge ourselves that as long as men shall live, we will not take up arms against one another.” How wonderful it would be if all borders could bear a similar testimony. Sadly, we know it is not so.

Peace remains elusive in our world. Jesus drew a direct line between peace and the condition of an individual’s heart. Until hearts are right, the world will never be right.

That is why Jesus could offer true peace to all who follow Him. He alone can transform hearts and lives. It is by the forgiveness and grace offered through Jesus’ atoning death and resurrection that we can share in His legacy of peace.

Author: Duane Brush

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