What’s In A Word?

August 27th, 2016

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James 2:14-26

My son has never asked me if I love him. I tell him constantly but his three-year-old mind has a limited grasp on words like “love.” Still, he knows I love him when I wipe his face, blow on his hot chicken soup, or read his favorite book as I tuck him into bed. He knows that I love him with a knowledge that is so much deeper than words can describe.

If I turned him away when he needed a hug, withheld food when he was hungry, but shouted “I love you” over the sound of his crying, what might he believe love to be?

Love is a word much like faith. Love and faith cannot be learned in a book or given in a contract. We learn it as we live it and see it.

If we confess faith in Christ, but fail to love, serve and be given away for the sake of Christ, what should the world believe faith to be? Our words of faith and love for Christ ought to merely echo our service to the hungry, cold, dirty, lonely, naked children of God.

Author: Shawna Songer Gaines


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