God Is True To His Word

August 9th, 2016

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Matthew 10:32-42

I had prayed for an opportunity to share my faith in Christ, but surely God didn’t mean I should talk to him. The man in the window seat had effectively annoyed everyone around him—not the least of which the man sitting between us on our flight. After wrestling with God about the so-called opportunity, I realized, it wasn’t mine to decide the people to whom I would acknowledge my Heavenly Father. It is my task to be faithful.

How often have we been guilty of thinking we can pick and choose who we tell about Jesus?

The path of loving Jesus more than our family, more than an existence without a cross to carry, or more than our very lives is a difficult road—a road less traveled. Still, at the end of the day, if acknowledging Christ before that troublesome person on the plane—or among our friends or family—means Jesus will do the same for us in front of our Heavenly Father, it’s more than worth the possibility of a little earthly rejection.

Author: Thea Ardrey

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