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May 16th, 2016

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Job 2:1-13

Satan, the “adversary,” was in heaven. God said, “Where have you come from?” and Satan answered, “From roaming throughout the earth” (Job 1:7), as if they were just passing the time of day. Then God said, “Have you considered my servant Job?” (v. 8). It would be nice to think that God has a high opinion of you, that there was no one on earth like you, but surely the Lord knew He was drawing a target on Job. Satan got permission to take everything away from Job except his health, his wife, and his friends. The wife and friends quickly proved to be no blessing. “Skin for skin!” said Satan, asking God to let him take Job’s health, “and he will surely curse you to your face” (2:5).

As it turns out, Job didn’t. Job hadn’t forgotten the blessings God had previously given. His present grief and suffering, at least for the moment, would not outweigh his humble gratitude.

In the end, God was proven right of course: Job was vindicated and drew closer to God, and Satan was proven a sorry predictor of either Job’s behavior or God’s loving care.

Author: Duane Brush

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