Even In Death

April 23rd, 2016

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John 19:16-30

Cheesemakers take lambs away from their mothers and place them in the care of older sheep, so that their mother’s milk can be used to make cheese. Cheese-making is the entire purpose of their business; however, they also care for their lambs.

This reminds me of how Jesus cares for us. Even in death, Jesus cared for His disciples and loved ones. Jesus was going through a terribly painful death on a human level, while simultaneously taking on the sins of all humanity. He was the Lamb slain once for all, to wash clean the sins of those who would accept Him. Seems like a very busy moment, right?

Nevertheless, Jesus took the time the night before to humbly serve those who followed Him. He made sure the repentant thief on the cross knew his sins were forgiven. And He took time, in the midst of severe physical pain, to make sure His mother would be cared for. Lord, may we be like you. Help us see others, no matter what may be going on with us. May we see others, have compassion, and serve as needed.

Author: Danielle Broadbooks

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