To Do Or To Pray About?

April 21st, 2016

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Deuteronomy 26:1-15

It happens almost weekly. I wake up at night with my to-do list running through my head. Suddenly, I’m awake; staring at the ceiling. At first, I simply go over the items I need to do the next day. Soon, I’m annoyed at the amount of time I should be sleeping. Finally, I try to “shut off my mind” and go back to sleep, but soon I’m running over the list again.

I’ve found a couple of things that break the cycle. One I too rarely remember is to start praying my way through the to-do list. It’s amazing that this is so infrequently my choice, because not only do I sleep again fairly quickly, but it orders my day ahead so well. Why does it take so long to remember to do this, when I remember at all?

The Israelites found peace and enjoyed the promises of God when they could say, “I have obeyed the LORD my God; I have done everything you commanded me” (v. 14). Jesus encourages us to “remain” in Him (see John 15:1-8). The obedient heart is at peace with God and trusts in His promises. Then we can truly rest. It’s a discipline worth learning–the discipline of ordering our day around God.

Author: Danielle Broadbooks


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