Revelation At The Cross

March 16th, 2016

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Mark 15:33-41

Leading criminals to their death on a cross was part of the job description for many Roman soldiers. For the centurion in Mark 15, this particular day became a turning point. Most likely, this was not the centurion’s first day in Jerusalem. How many criminals did he nail to a cross during his tenure? This would have been standard operating procedure, just another day on the job. Surely the centurion had seen criminals fight back, deny the charges, and curse their accusers with their dying breath. Yet he saw none of that this time.

The centurion spent a good part of that first Good Friday doing his job. Perhaps he even joined others in mocking Jesus or rolled his eyes when Jesus’ followers wept. Then it happened–a spiritual “ah-ha” moment the centurion could not deny: Jesus was different from all the others he had crucified.

How different this centurion’s life may have been after his encounter with Christ. Jesus wasn’t a criminal or madman or just a nice guy. He is the Son of God.

Author: Katie Heid


One Response to “Revelation At The Cross”

  1. Terry Osborn Says:

    March 16th, 2016 at 7:12 am

    How different would you have been at the foot of the cross at the time of Jesus’ life and death? Would you have mocked Him, wept for Him, wondered what was going to happen next? Is He our Messiah or not? Why is He doing this? We have seen Him do miracles. Why doesn’t He do one for Himself? So many questions then and now. When is He coming back? Am I living a good enough life for Him? What will happen when He does come back? Only God can answer those questions. We just have to have faith.

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