What Will You Do?

March 14th, 2016

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Mark 15:1-15

Roman governors like Pilate ran a tight ship. Control and peaceful rule went hand-in-hand. When the Jewish leaders dragged Jesus before him, the last thing Pilate wanted was disorder in his court. Pilate was mindful of the political and religious lay of the land, including Jesus and the controversy that bubbled around His ministry. Pilate found himself in a political conundrum: Release Jesus and anger the powerful Jewish leaders, or sentence Him to death and risk upsetting the Nazarene’s followers. Both decisions could lead to upheaval in Pilate’s jurisdiction.

Like Pilate, we must answer the same question: What should we do with Jesus? His death that day could be chalked up by some as a random historic event. Others may classify it as myth or an intriguing story. Or, it could be the very hope to which we all can cling.

The crowd made their preference clear to Pilate that day, but it’s up to you to answer the question now: What will you do with the King of the Jews?

Author: Katie Heid


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