Crank Up The Volume

March 9th, 2016

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Psalm 107:15-32

My young sons have two volumes: loud and louder. Nothing is ever communicated in a whisper. There’s no such thing as talking in an “indoor voice.” Noisy chaos is our household anthem.

Their loud example forces me to take note. Sometimes when it comes to thanking and praising God, it’s at such a low volume that even those close to me have to lean in to hear it. Praise is often mumbled as an afterthought. I can go through the motions without checking for sincerity. Then it’s time to proceed with my schedule, grateful only that the thanksgiving prayer is one less thing to cram into an already busy day.

The psalmist makes it clear: give God thanks, do it sincerely, and offer it up loudly. Hope now reigns where darkness once ruled. God’s hope through His Son has given us reason to shout it out and do it with gusto.

When it comes to thanking God, I can follow in the footsteps of my sons. God has delivered us from sin’s clutches. Our thanks is the very least we can offer.

Author: Katie Heid


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