Push Back, Press Forward

January 16th, 2016

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Jude 1:17-25

Growing a garden is hard work. From soil preparation right through the final harvest, it is a struggle. Yet, every year my wife and I press forward with an eye toward the harvest.

Even though our backyard garden usually produces abundantly, I do not claim to be an expert. One thing I know is that weeds are relentless. They appear quickly, threatening to choke out the desirable plants we are attempting to nurture. In order to flourish and produce fruit, plants need sunlight, water, and proper nutrients. Along with keeping the weeds out, we work diligently to insure the good plants get what they need to thrive.

Growing in faith is also a struggle. Jude writes in verse 3, “Contend for the faith.” Contend, strive for, battle to gain ground with the harvest in mind. There are some who would deter, derail, and lead astray. Oppose those forces that seek to destroy the faith you have received. In the same way, deliberately, with purpose, work to protect and nurture your faith with those elements essential for spiritual growth.

Author: Gary Shank


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