The Least of These

January 8th, 2016

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Luke 8:40-56

They came from opposite ends of the cultural spectrum. An esteemed ruler of the synagogue, Jairus could pull strings, make introductions, and advance careers. Then there was a woman, her condition made her untouchable, one who should be quarantined rather than in a crowd risking contact and the contamination of others. As a woman in the ancient Near East, she had little power or pull; she was simply a nameless individual with a disease that stripped her of everything. Yet, both sought healing from Jesus.

Pressed by the crowd, Jesus asked, “Who touched me?” Horrified at being discovered, the woman cowered, humiliated by her offense and condition. Then, Jesus addressed her as a human being, elevating her status beyond anything she had hoped for. It was important to Jesus that He continue to the home of Jairus, but not before offering mercy, compassion, and hope to “one of the least of these.”

Both Jairus and the woman had their needs met. For each, the requirement was the same: Believe and have faith in the One called Jesus.

Author: Gary Shank


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