Who Is The Greatest?

January 4th, 2016

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Matthew 4:12-25

Muhammad Ali burst onto the world stage with fancy footwork and rapid-fire fists. In characteristic swagger, he grabbed the spotlight and proclaimed himself “the Greatest.” Then, in a February 1978 match considered one of the biggest upsets in boxing history, Muhammad Ali, the “Undisputed Champion of the World” was defeated by Leon Spinks, a relative newcomer. Expecting to win handily, Ali had lightened his training regimen and was ill-prepared for the battle.

In preparation for public ministry, Jesus fasted and prayed in the wilderness 40 days. His training consisted not of increasing His abilities or expanding His potential, but rather surrender. Only by submitting to the will of His Heavenly Father was He able to overcome the enemy. Jesus proclaimed good news to broken and hurting people, setting free those long bound by darkness and despair. He emerged victorious over every foe.

The One who is truly “the Greatest” remains undefeated still.

Author: Gary Shank

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