Who Is Jesus?

December 30th, 2015

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Mark 1:21-34

Ask people today who Jesus is and you’ll get a variety of answers: a great teacher, a prophet, a martyr. Many of them fail to recognize Him as the holy Son of God. Things were no different in Jesus’ day. People thought Jesus was John the Baptist, Elijah, Jeremiah, or one of the prophets (Matthew 16:14). When Jesus asked him, Peter identified Him as the Christ, the Son of the living God (v. 16).

In Mark 1, it is not a disciple but a demon that identifies Jesus at the onset of His ministry. This “impure spirit” had possessed a man and cried out when Jesus began teaching in the synagogue. The demon wasn’t stumped at all about Jesus’ identity. To him, Jesus didn’t blend into the background as an ordinary man; He was the Holy One of God who would eventually destroy Satan and his kingdom (Mark 1:24).

If Jesus walked into our church services today, could we properly identify Him? Not if He’s just another face in the crowd to us. Those who take Him seriously see Him as the Holy One of God.

Author: Sherri Langton


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