Moses’ Plea

November 23rd, 2015

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Exodus 33:12-23

Moses wrestled with the task God had given him–leading Israel to the Promised Land. He needed assurance that God’s presence would go with them on that journey. From the depths of his heart, Moses cried out to the Lord: “Show me your glory!” In reality, Moses’ plea was, “Let me see your fullness of strength!”

I was once asked to define God’s glory. Descriptive words came to mind in abundance: splendor, majesty, power, excellence. None captured the full definition to my satisfaction. That is when I realized His glory is supreme majesty and more; ultimate power and more; splendid excellence and more. Our mighty God’s glory is boundless!

What God revealed to Moses was the essence of His glory: His goodness (v. 19). He told Moses to stand near Him, on a rock. He put Moses in a cleft of that rock and covered Moses with His hand. As God passed by, Moses didn’t see the fullness of God’s glory, but he witnessed the radiant afterglow.

Author: Jane Owen


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