Never Forsaken

November 17th, 2015

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Joshua 1:1-11

Joshua, Moses’ successor, was a man of action. Joshua would lead the people to the Promised Land. God promised him victory everywhere. Even when it came to crossing the Jordan River, God provided a way by parting the waters, much as He had when the people crossed the Red Sea during their escape from Egypt.

As God promised to be with Joshua, God also promises to be with us forever. God will make us overcomers, giving us victory over our enemies.

Joshua encouraged the people to prepare their food for crossing over the Jordon River. We too, must be prepared to face our challenges, by partaking of the spiritual food from God’s Word. Like Joshua and the children of Israel, we must possess our “land,” which God has promised to us. That “land” may be the salvation of family and friends, challenges at work, or fears about health.

Author: M. K. Henderson

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