Speaking Only For God

October 28th, 2015

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Numbers 22:21-41

If God’s changing message to Balaam wasn’t confusing enough, now his donkey was speaking! Such an unusual source of the message of God begs the question: Just how might God speak to me today? So we make no assumptions: God can–and just may do–anything.

The story of Balaam in Numbers 22 has demonstrated twice how the result of seeking God’s direction can change from day to day. Being ready to hear the word of God at any moment is imperative to following God’s lead. Even if we’re sitting in our vehicle in the morning, after having prayed during the night, God may have something new for us. A consistent life of prayer will help set the stage for constant communication with God.

Through it all, Balaam demonstrated the same desire–to speak only what the Lord had given him (v. 38). Despite his misdirection with the donkey, God continued to use Balaam, knowing that He could trust Balaam’s desire to do what is right.

Author: Jeremy Scott


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