God’s Unending Graciousness

October 26th, 2015

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Exodus 34:1-14

The grace of God is truly unending. The first set of stone tablets containing God’s law was demolished when Moses grew angry with a “stiff-necked people.” The Israelites’ feet had barely crossed the Red Sea on dry ground through God’s powerful act. Yet, the people had either already forgotten or, worse, did not care. Moses was taking too long on top of the mountain, so a golden calf it would be.

Surely this idolatrous act would lead to the end of God’s favor toward them, right? No! In fact, there would be many more times that the Israelites failed to keep their part of the covenant with God. Nevertheless, both here and later, God’s love abounded and He forgave their petty, forgetful, and ignorant wickedness.

Where would humanity be without this on-going graciousness? It provides both the opportunity to be forgiven and to forgive. It is our call to be a gracious people following the lead of a gracious God.

Author: Jeremy Scott


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