A Power Supreme

August 11th, 2015

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John 5:16-30

Death is all around us: addictions, depression, insecurity, failed marriages and fractured friendships. We’ve lost family members and carry doubts and fears. Death is suffocating and crippling. The message that we are told is that this is as good as it gets. We are told that death is inevitable. The gospel, however, speaks of a different message: Death is not the last word, life is!

Life is the final word because we serve a Savior who conquered death: a Savior who lived and died in order to bring about victory over death, a Savior who reigns supreme over death, and who shines life into the broken places of our own hearts and lives. This new life takes the form of a hundred beautiful things. Consider our past, where once insecurities were once abundant, yet in the resurrection life, security now enfolds us.

Our past is filled with death, yet through the power of Christ, we now have life.

Author: Michael Palmer


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