We Are In His Sight

June 3rd, 2015

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Psalm 33:12-22

Shakespeare’s Richard III (1592) is a dramatic portrayal of the ruthless Duke of Gloucester who, near the end of the War of the Roses (c. 1455–1487), sought to steal the throne of England. Throughout the play, the dynamic, brilliant Richard succeeds in imprisoning or killing anyone who stands in his way.

However, Richard is ultimately unable to sustain his despotic rule. At the play’s climax, Richard’s steed is struck down in battle, and he goes down with it screaming, “My horse! My horse! My kingdom for a horse!” (V.II.I). When the symbol of his military might is knocked out from under him, he is left defenseless and is soon killed. It is an ironic end for a tyrant who thought himself invincible.

The psalmist contrasts the Lord’s power with human failings. Unlike many human rulers, God uses His might to care for and defend His people. From His throne in heaven, God sees all. Even when human leaders abuse their power or fail us, we can take comfort in the knowledge that God will one day right all wrongs for His people.

Author: Kelsey Beck

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