Uncover and Discover

April 28th, 2015

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Psalm 32:1-11

In our drug/alcohol rehab center, many of our men have difficulty finding freedom from the guilt of their past. Their addiction may have led them to use and abuse family. They have discovered this lifestyle is a hellish experience, just as David cried out in Psalm 32:3, 4. Being silent only causes the infection to fester with growing distress. Their rehabilitation journey will challenge them to uncover and discover.

Men acknowledge that they have a problem. Our mission at that point, is to help them identify what lies at the root of their addiction; namely sin. When David cried out, “I will confess my transgressions” (Psalm 32:5), he did not play the blame game as is our nature to do so (Genesis 3:12, 13). Like David, when our men acknowledge their sin, and the Lord forgives and reverses the verdict to “not guilty,” their celebration of recovery begins. From this point forward, it is amazing how quickly many are reconciled with family; because the seed of the “LORD’S unfailing love” begins to bear the fruit of freedom in their lives (Psalm 32:10).

Author: Stephen M. Long


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