Heart Healing

April 8th, 2015

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1 Kings 13:1-10

Jeroboam was a very blessed man. God placed ten tribes of Israel in Jeroboam’s hands because of the sin of King Solomon and his selfish son, Rehoboam. God promised Jeroboam that if he stayed true to Him that his descendants would be blessed for generations to come. Unfortunately he fell into the sin common to other kings and leaders–he believed that his rights overshadowed all others-–including those of God and his prophets.

A prophet of the Lord confronted Jeroboam for his sin at one of the “king approved” idol worship centers. Jeroboam raised his hand to stop the prophet’s condemnation and his hand immediately shriveled. Quickly he recognized the mistake and asked the prophet to intercede with the Lord for the restoration of his hand. Graciously God healed him, but Jeroboam’s heart was not changed.

Is Jeroboam’s sin ever ours? The goal of God’s forgiveness and restoration is to transform our lives completely. That is the healing that will make an eternal difference.

Author: Larry R. Morris


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