More Than Duty

April 1st, 2015

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Micah 6:1-8

In Micah chapter 6, God is not pleased with Israel. He no longer wants to receive empty words of apology or meaningless acts of sacrifice. He wants true action from sincere hearts. He wants humility, understanding, repentance and response. He still wants this today.

God has poured out all of this for us: His love, redemption, protection and grace. He acts justly on our behalf. All He does comes from His goodness and from His character. So, what does God require of us? A right response to a righteous God!

Fortunately, we can learn to do and be what God requires. Regardless of how we feel, we can act in ways that are just. The more we act rightly, the more we gain understanding of people and their circumstances. This new understanding leads to humility, and our actions begin to come from hearts of mercy rather than coming simply from obedience or imitation.

What an amazing workmanship He can do within us!

Author: Jennifer Woodard

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