Dress For Success

March 13th, 2015

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Galatians 3:15-29

Growing up in a parsonage as one of twelve children, where we often experienced limited resources, I became accustomed to hand-me-downs. The thought of “being clothed with Christ” is indeed exciting to some of us. But before we become overwhelmed by visions of red carpets and flashing cameras, let me slow down the fantasies. The external appearance that may label a person as “Christian” does not shape the inward habits, tendencies, behaviors or vocabulary expected from those modeling such a holy “brand.” Attention must be paid to a crucial detail: Those who have clothed themselves with Christ have first been “baptized into Christ.”

This goes beyond the skin or layers of fabric that shape appearance and broadcast the impression of wealth. Whatever we choose to call this experience, it happens deep inside, it restructures the soul and stamps in us the likeness of Jesus Christ. Then, as children submitted to God, we gain full access to His upper-room store.  It is then we learn to dress for success, spiritual success.

Author: Jorge De Barros

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