March 9th, 2015

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Psalm 112:1-10

Bad news has no flag or fixed address. Patients dread its arrival. They study a doctor’s face when life depends on the test results in the physician’s hand. People on trial will tremble while awaiting a jury’s verdict. Parents fear it from the officer’s demeanor when there is a knock at the door to report an accident.

Some people collapse when they receive bad news. Yes, fear kills. Even if the body is still functioning, gone are the joy and the will to communicate, work, love, and fellowship. Depression sets in. A cloud darkens the way we see ourselves, perceive others, appraise friends, jobs, leaders even the church.

No wonder Jesus repeatedly pleaded: “Do not be afraid!” He knew the devastating effects of fear, planting monsters under pillows. Jesus also knew that fear is conquerable. Here is a bottle of a tested medicine to eradicate fear. Read the label: Trust the Lord. The written instructions show you how to cast on Him worries and afflictions. It is free!

Author: Jorge De Barros

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