Who Is Listening?

March 4th, 2015

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Romans 10:5-21

Much concern is raised today over who is listening in on our phone conversations and reading our electronic exchanges, health files and financial transaction documents. To protect privacy, many are willing to organize angry protests, praise whistle blowers and even take court action.

Strangely, God invites us to check all His files. In fact, He urges us to examine every bit of centuries of messages to mankind, delivered day and night, here and in every corner of the world. There is no secrecy in His agenda.

Romans 10 sheds some light on this universal access to the data bank of heaven. Listening to God’s message brings faith—and with it trust in His Son, confession of sins, salvation and admission to heaven.

Feet are rarely a major factor in beauty contests, but Romans 10 notices: “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!” Even those who have no shoes, no money, or no supporting organization are invited to accept and proclaim: Jesus is Lord!

Author: Jorge De Barros


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