Servants Who “Belong”

December 26th, 2014

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John 15:18-27

To be loved and admired is a common human desire. On the other hand, to bear the rejection of others is often so painful we will do almost anything to avoid it. According to Jesus the issue of whether you will be loved and admired depends solely upon the answer to one simple question: “Who do you belong to?”

If you “belong” to the world and share its value system, if you follow its well-worn paths of disobedience you will be loved, supported, maybe even adored. The adoration of the world is often a cherished goal of those around us. If, however, you belong to the Master, walking in harmony with His Spirit and obeying His teaching, a rather troubling prospect awaits: The world will hate you.

As Christ’s servants we can expect no better than what He encountered when He bravely faced the opposing darkness of this world. For us the joys and blessings of belonging to Jesus so transcend the fleeting pleasures of this world we find ourselves surrounded and filled by His sweet Holy Spirit.

Author: Doug Forsberg

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