Our Unchanging God

September 13th, 2014

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1 Samuel 15:16-35

Life is about change. All we have to do to grasp this reality is look in the mirror; every birthday results in changes.

Of course, as human beings, we are always changing–we grow, develop, learn, and build relationships. We don’t stay as we are. God is too good to leave us the same. Wouldn’t it be disappointing if we could never change? Instead, life changes; circumstances change. Learning changes us as we discover new depths of truth.

In our day, cultural and social changes are so intense and rapid that people are left dizzy and often dismayed. Some say that what once took a generation to happen now takes only five years. However, we can be encouraged that God does not change His nature. He is, has always been, and forever will be perfect in His character, wisdom, faithfulness, holiness, and love. Once we know God through Christ, we will change. Our unchanging God delights in changing His people for the better.

Author: Nina Gunter

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