An Unabashed Hospitality Evangelist

August 22nd, 2014

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Luke 14:15-24

Luke 14 indicates that the invited guests in this parable had a first and then a second invitation. This was characteristic of Jewish practice. The point of the parable is the Pharisees were treating God’s invitation the same way the invited guests did in the parable.

What is God’s expectation of us in practicing hospitality? When I closed my guestbook at my home in Kansas in preparation for my move to Idaho, I counted 832 names. Of course, it helps that I like to cook. They were neighbors, business associates, missionaries, students, coworkers, internationals, people passing through town, and even strangers. My goal was to make them feel welcome and comfortable. Every meal, no matter who was present, began with a blessing for the food.

Examine the excuses that are offered for not extending hospitality. “My house isn’t fancy; I am just a plain cook.” Consider taking people out to eat or taking something to their home. People love to feel included. People remember much more how they are treated than what they are served. Think about how my friendship evangelism begins with hospitality.

Author: Patricia Kissell

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