Playtime With God

August 5th, 2014

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Psalm 139:1-13

When my sons were little, I read them a classic children’s book called Runaway Bunny. In Margaret Wise Brown’s story, a little bunny talks to his mother and tells her how he is going to get away from her, where he is going, and what he is doing to achieve this. With every scenario described, his mother counters with how she will come after him so she can be with him. The “bunny child” plays a game testing his mother’s love and care for him, seeking assurance.

David, the psalmist, ran all over the country to escape from his enemies. His survival was not a game. Yet, he paused to wonder with gratitude how his heavenly Father followed him everywhere and cared for him most intimately. David was acutely aware of how God was with him at every turn, in every place, with every attack on his life. He created fantastic situational challenges in his imagination and knew that even there his Lord would be with him. His flight from his persecutors was as child’s play to the Creator of the universe who was protecting him.

We can go out with the knowledge that our Father God is with us.

Author: Evangeline Gardner


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