Praise for His Power

July 29th, 2014

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Mark 2:1-12

“Brian has broken his neck riding his bike,” Kim cried.

Before the other members of our singles’ adult Bible study group were notified, I was at the hospital. I witnessed the doctor telling this 35-year-old man that he might not survive the surgery, and if he did, paralysis was a probability. I laid my hand on his forehead and prayed over him before they wheeled him away.

Our close-knit group prayed for him separately and together, but few of us saw Brian or heard much about him for weeks. He had a large and caring family, but being nonbelievers, they didn’t fully understand our genuine love and concern for him. As he battled between life and death, paralysis and motion, all we could do was lift him up in prayer.

The Thursday night he surprised us by walking in the front door, a praise party broke out! We instantaneously began singing the Doxology. His miraculous recovery drew his doctors, family and friends to Christ. It resulted in our celebration, rejoicing and gratitude to God!

When we see the power of God firsthand, we know that we can praise Him even in advance for working wonders again.

Author: Evangeline Gardner


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