A New Direction

July 24th, 2014

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Genesis 31:1-13

After 20 years, the time has come for Jacob to return to his family. He was still not a fully developed believer—there are few indications that he sought God during those years in Laban’s household. However, now God was intervening and Jacob was moving in a new direction. The situation had become tense between Jacob and Laban. Lies and deception on both sides had sown an unhealthy climate of mistrust. Staying was not an option; but going home was fraught with danger.

How do we respond when neither choice is easy? Sometimes we are prominently involved in the details of God’s plan for our lives. We must think, strategize, and work toward God’s plan. Like Jacob we may begin working toward that end. Other times, we must simply be prepared to obey without interfering in the big picture. Even in Jacob’s limited commitment to God, he seemed to know when to work the details and when to follow God’s direction. This can be one of our greatest challenges as well. May God give us great clarity as we seek to follow His direction.

Author: Lisa Mueller


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