Good News from God

July 11th, 2014

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Acts 8:26-40

It was early in the AD 30s in the small Roman province of Judea. Everyone was talking about a controversial new prophet. The Jerusalem Post ran articles with opposing views about Him. Radio talk shows buzzed with conversation about Him. Social media was overloaded with news of His activities and teachings. Oops! I forgot; those communication marvels didn’t exist then. Still, Jesus was big news from Galilee to the Dead Sea.

The good news: the promised Messiah had finally come! People were being healed, lives transformed, and hope restored. The bad news: He wasn’t the Messiah they expected. He grew up in obscure Nazareth instead of Jerusalem. He seemed uninterested in defeating the Romans. The people were in a dilemma, was Jesus good or bad news?

God sent a lay minister named Phillip to an Ethiopian official who struggled to understand Isaiah’s prophecy about someone being “led like a sheep to the slaughter.” Dilemma settled! Jesus was good news then and He still is today!

Author: Wil Watson


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