Instructions from God

July 8th, 2014

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Exodus 4:1-12

God doesn’t communicate with me by dreams. Unlike Moses, I’ve never heard His audible voice. I wish I could! I wonder about my spiritual sensitivity, but He gives me guidance in less spectacular ways. Usually, it comes by a peace within—a quiet confidence that this is the right way. Sometimes He does it by simply nudging me in the right direction, as I go about my business of serving Him. Is that your experience? The following incident may encourage you.

One evening, I made a routine follow-up visit with a church visitor whose wife had recently died. He returned the next Sunday, soon made a spiritual commitment, and became an active part of the congregation. Later, he confided to me that he had made preparations to take his life the night of my visit. Was it coincidence that I came at just the right time? I don’t think so. I was just a busy pastor doing his job. God nudged me at the right time.

The lesson: God’s instruction methods are incidental. Our Spirit-led life is crucial!

Author: Wil Watson

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