What God Cannot Do

June 10th, 2014

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Psalm 78:34-55

Psalm 78 tells the story of a people who walked with God. They experienced God’s provision and protection. He was their “Rock” and “Redeemer” (v. 35). But time passed and their passion for God cooled. They forgot God’s wonders and chose to turn their backs on Him. They tested God by their unbelief and lived in rebellion and sin.

The day came when hardship entered their lives because of sin. In the face of difficulties, they remembered their Redeemer. The Scripture says they began to “flatter [God] with their mouths . . . [but] their hearts were not loyal to him” (Psalm 78:36-37a). Even though God knew their hearts, He showed them mercy (v. 38). Although God left the way open for them to return to Him, the Almighty was limited in what He could do. It seems impossible, but it is true! Though God can move heaven and earth, He cannot forgive an unrepentant sinner.

  • God refuses to force himself on anyone. Have you allowed God’s unfailing love to redeem you and make you His child?
  • Take some time today to recall the mighty acts of God in your life.

Author: Bill Manning

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