Calm in the Chaos

May 25th, 2014

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Jude 1:14-25

“Lord, give me patience-now!” Sound familiar? I just can’t imagine what God thinks when He hears this request. I’m sure He’s saying to Gabriel, “If they would just be patient. My timing is perfect. In fact, I wrote the book on patience! Work with me, people!” Okay, maybe that’s not exactly God’s attitude.

In our defense, we were born during a time that reinforces impatience! We live in a society with fast food, instant coffee, one-hour photos, express oil changes, overnight delivery, and instant messaging. We’re used to, no, we expect, immediate gratification.

However, Jude (Jesus’ half-brother) teaches us that patience comes from waiting on the Lord. In allowing God to work out the details, while placing our trust in Him. Patience is the ability to remain calm in the chaos because we know God is in control.

Patience is not simply waiting, but keeping a good attitude while waiting. Anticipate His blessings as He works out every detail perfectly.

Author: Susan Crook

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