Listen Wisely—Choose The Good

May 2nd, 2014

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Proverbs 7:10-27

This is the thing about temptation: Sometimes we don’t look for it, sometimes it comes to us. In those times discernment is of the highest importance. Proverbs 7 places emphasis on the temptation of sexual sin. However, the truth of what happens with unrestrained temptation is the same regardless of the object. Temptation exists at the point where God’s will conflicts with human desire. Unchecked temptation always leads to destruction and death.

Temptation is often disguised as “not so bad.” It rationalizes and justifies and entices. Temptation does not give up until a choice is made by the one being tempted. The choice is simple but not simplistic. Following God’s voice is not always the easy thing to do but it is always the best thing to do. When confronted with temptation, the immediate concern should be getting away from it.

God through the Word has given us the tools we need to recognize the good (Galatians 5:22) and the power through the Holy Spirit to make choices in line with God’s will.

Author: Carol Rittenhouse

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