April 12th, 2014

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Hebrews 4:14—5:10

Trusting God’s sovereignty gets tricky in light of man’s authority, doesn’t it? The political climate can be so heated, particularly in these “last days” that we are living. Not just politically, but in the workplace, in our day-to-day living, our future is subject to those who preside over us. When our vote does not bring a righteous leader, when our employer cuts our hours, when we are unjustly accused, when we are persecuted because of our faith—even in these circumstances, do we trust that God will prevail?

These are the very situations that not only test our faith, but build our faith. They are opportunities to develop our testimony and to be a witness. God has graciously allowed us to make choices and to suffer the consequences. In doing so, we grow in grace and confidence. We then approach His throne as children, humbled and expectant that He can—and will—respond to our need.

Jesus is interceding for you in your particular circumstance. We can be certain that God will “help us in our time of need.”

Author: Cynthia K. Stiverson

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