Oh That Delicious Sweet Bread

December 18th, 2013

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Luke 4:14-30

Recipe: take a piece of white bread, slather with butter, pour tons of sugar on it–preparation time–2 seconds–no further instructions required–fantastic treat–pleasureful experience–gobble down every last bite. What a great childhood memory. All our dreams were fulfilled in that fantastically delicious gobbled down bite!

Luke 4:14-30 is that gobbled down, fantastically delicious bite that God has prepared for me. Here God’s Word provides so much to swallow. Here we are reminded that Jesus is led by the Holy Spirit in all He does. He was sustained by the power of God during His incredible journey through the wilderness of testing. He was inspired by God as He read the Holy Scripture in the synagogue. He was divinely appointed to speak the gospel to the poor, the brokenhearted, the captives, the afflicted, and the down and out. It was up to each individual to gobble down the sweet message of grace He offered.

Author: Nancy R. Henry


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One Response to “Oh That Delicious Sweet Bread”

  1. Josephine Cowell Says:

    June 11th, 2020 at 6:16 am

    I just don’t understand why they were trying to kill Him. He was just letting them know who He was. The Son of God Himself!

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