A Good Word

December 7th, 2013

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Luke 1:39-56

You’re only as good as your word. Have you heard this expression? It isn’t about oratory or writing ability. The issue is integrity. The expression means that action must prove that your word carries truth. What happens when we apply this good-as-your-word test to God? A quick Bible review confirms that God’s words are power-filled with all honesty, integrity, resources, and action.

Mary received God’s word even though she didn’t understand what God meant. Her acceptance wasn’t based on understanding. It was based on the integrity of God. She didn’t have to understand it to believe it. She only had to believe God. Elizabeth also understood this and affirmed both their faith in the God who spoke truth with every word. Did you catch how Mary responded to the trustworthiness of God’s word to her? She sang her heart out about her God, His faithfulness, mercy, power, and help. She sang before understanding caught up to her faith.

We have a ways to go, don’t we? Maybe singing Mary’s song would help.

Author: Debbie Salter Goodwin

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