Family Ties

September 8th, 2013

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1 John 5:13-21

A few generations back it was not uncommon for a child or young person to be stopped by a parent on his or her way out the door with these words, “Don’t forget who you are.” Such admonitions served as reminders that the family name must be kept untarnished.

Members of a royal family, for instance, are nearly always bound by protocol that may make no sense to commoners. Heads must sometimes wear crowns or off-the-face hats, and children must learn to curtsey or to bow. It is easy to imagine the queen (or perhaps a royal governess) admonishing royal children with “Remember who you are,” implying that certain behaviors would be beneath the dignity of those with royal blood.

While one becomes a child of God through adoption and not by birth as happens in earth’s royal families, simply by claiming Him as Father, we become heirs to all the rights and privileges. We also commit to a code of behavior set forth in God’s Word.

As children of God, we would do well to remember who we are at all times and to keep God’s name untarnished by unseemly behavior.

Author: C. Ellen Watts


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