Do As I Do

March 20th, 2013

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John 10:31-39

In high school, my best friend’s father was not a good role model. He smoked, drank too much, and only attended church occasionally. His advice about not smoking or drinking fell on deaf ears. After all, why would anyone listen to a drunk telling him or her not to drink?

The Jews of Jesus’ time knew the Old Testament writings, so they were familiar with God’s character. Knowing this, Jesus challenged them to look at his works and to test them with scripture, proving he is the Son of God. Sadly, they were stubborn and blind to the truth.

“Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them” (Matt. 7:20). The only way to know if someone is a fake is to test his or her works. Because Jesus was the Messiah, he was not afraid to ask others to test his works for authenticity. We, too, are called to live authentic Christian lives, using the Bible as our guide. No matter what kind of role models we’ve had in our lives, Jesus is our one true Mentor.

Author: Sonya Lee Thompson



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