Overcoming The World

December 15th, 2012

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1 John 5:1-12

Beyond comprehension! Far beyond human capability.

On that first Christmas, God proved that he cared enough about us to take on our human limitations. God became man. The divine took on a lower life form–to save us. The incarnation is what God finally decided to do about a sinner like you, a sinner like me.

He was born of a virgin in a lowly barn. He went to school, learned a trade, grew up. He went about doing good.

But the principalities and powers that run the world (kosmos) hated him. They hounded him, taunted him, and rejected him. They arrested our Lord, faked a trial, murdered him, and buried him. But it did not work! Jesus conquered both life and death, arising from the grave triumphant over the world.

We, too, can conquer the world and overcome the powers of sin and death through faith in Christ.

According to 1 John, conditions apply: We must believe in the Son of God, walk in the Light, renounce sin and worldliness, prove our love through obedience, love each other as he loved us, and keep the faith.

Author: Wesley Tracy



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