We Are Outmatched

October 18th, 2012

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Job 41:1-11

On a calm day boaters may demonstrate the power of their craft and their skill. That can change quickly should a storm arise. The body of water can become an untamable monster. It reveals the sailor’s helplessness and the frailty of their vessel. In the face of God’s power we are always outmatched.

God also outmatches us in his possessions. God owns everything. This can trouble those caught in greed and idolatry, but it can also be liberating for the person who trusts in God. God’s ownership should stir us to responsible stewardship–to use all God has given us for his eternal purposes. We should live with a spirit of thankfulness and rejoicing. We can also live in expectancy. Through people’s ignorance or greed there may be scarcity. The resources of God, however, are not controlled by earthly borders. God created the earth with the potential to produce sufficiently for all its inhabitants.


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