Welcome Home

September 23rd, 2012

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Psalm 65

God chose you. How’s that for today’s pick-me-upper? Psalms records pleas for forgiveness and praises for cleansing, but in today’s passage, David sings a new song, a blessing over those who have been cleansed and chosen, those who will live with God.

God has chosen us, privileged us, to live with him. He fills us with the “good things” of his house and welcomes us in as family, not as temporary guests. This is a blessing given even in the face of our past willful waywardness. Though we at one time scoffed at his gift of life and love, God still offers us a home through Jesus.

As Charles Spurgeon wrote in Treasury of David, “To dwell in the courts of the Great King is to be ennobled; to dwell there for ever is to be emparadised: yet such is the portion of every man whom God has chosen and caused to approach unto him, though once his iniquities prevailed against him.” Once, our own sin held us back from drawing near to God. But through Christ, we can come home.


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