First Things First

September 22nd, 2012

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Luke 10:37-44

It may seem like Martha got a raw deal in this interaction with Jesus. She clearly loved him as much as her sister, Mary, even though they expressed their devotion to Jesus in much different ways. Luke 10:38 says that Martha “opened her home to [Jesus],” and she was intent on making that visit perfect for him, perhaps seeing her work as a service of love. Mary, however, totally disregarded all preparations for Jesus’ stay and sat close to him, just listening. Though she could have helped Martha, perhaps even giving her a break to listen to Jesus, Mary spent her time soaking in his presence.

Anyone who’s ever hosted a party understands Martha’s impatience and anger at being left alone. So why has she become the classic object lesson for workaholics?

Jesus asks us to step out of hyper-speed and to stop working so hard for him. If we want to serve him, then we should get first things first–before doing anything for him, spend time with him.


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