Making Introductions

August 28th, 2012

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Acts 9:19b-31

Making introductions can ease a new person into a new or unfamiliar setting. “Tim, I would like you to meet Bob. Bob and his family don’t live far from your new home.” That would not be difficult, right?

Now, imagine that Bob had previously filed a lawsuit against Tim, accusing him of criminal conduct. Bob’s actions could have destroyed Tim’s life and cost him his home and livelihood. That could make the introduction very uncomfortable; we might even try to avoid the whole scene.

That is not what Barnabas did however. He literally led the former wolf right into the sheepfold. By his actions Barnabas sets us a daring example:

1.  Barnabas was willing to search out Paul after he had been rebuffed by other church leaders.

2.  Barnabas put his personal reputation on the line by bringing Paul to meet the apostles.

3.  He told them about how Paul had encountered Christ on the way to Damascus. They would not listen to

Paul, but they would listen to Barnabas.

Would I have been willing to do the same? Would you? After all, doesn’t Jesus do the same for us?


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