Receiving God’s Vision

July 27th, 2012

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2 Samuel 1:17-27

First Samuel 9:2 describes Saul as an “impressive young man without equal.” That was at the beginning of God’s vision for Israel’s first king. Unfortunately we see that unravel.

In contrast we begin to see David’s spirit develop more in line with God’s Spirit as we read 2 Samuel. Several times before Saul’s tragic death David had motive and opportunity to kill Saul. But God had been influencing David’s character and the Spirit of God had held back his hand. Perhaps more than love for his closest friend Jonathan, and his respect for Saul as Israel’s leader, David began to understand the preeminence of God’s choices. Despite being pursued by the blood-thirsty king, David never lost sight that Saul had been the Lord’s anointed. He had respected Saul because he was chosen by God.

David received God’s long-term vision. This vision included God calling and forming mighty leaders. David’s example in this passage teaches us an important truth. God’s plans will not fail.

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