True Happiness

July 22nd, 2012

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Psalm 144

I have been privileged to make a number of trips to “third world” countries and have been impressed by people who have “nothing” by North American standards and yet demonstrate the joy of the Lord. Though they don’t possess many of our “essentials,” they are happy in the Lord.

David, the psalmist, extols the many ways that God has revealed himself. Those who are truly happy are those whose God is the Lord, Jehovah.

Happiness is defined today in many different ways. Advertisements abound with suggestions that happiness is found in various products or relationships. It seems that happiness is thought of as an item that can be purchased.

God’s Word reminds us that true happiness is the product of a relationship with the Lord our God, not something that can be bought or arranged. We may be blessed with temporal things but still lack true happiness. On the other hand, we may possess little of the world’s riches but we can still experience the joy he gives and be satisfied in him!

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