The Only Safe Place

July 15th, 2012

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1 Samuel 21:10—22:5

It was the ultimate cat-and-mouse chase. David fled from one hiding place to another, trying to escape the murderous intents of King Saul. In 1 Samuel 21, David ran to the Philistine city of Gath, then to a huge cave, and finally to Moab. But no physical refuge could provide permanent safety for David. The prophet Gad brought these instructions from the Lord: Leave your stronghold and return to Judah. That must have seemed quite risky to David, but God was showing him that no hiding place could provide him security. He would only find that in the Lord’s surrounding presence.

People seek safety in many different kinds of “strongholds” today. Some run to their jobs, others to their bank accounts. Many look for security in family, possessions, or government. All of these are risky hiding places. There is only One who can provide safety in the midst of life’s threatening circumstances, and that is God himself.

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